Desmoid Tumor Awareness Gear

August 28, 2017

Desmoid Awareness month is almost upon us!! These tees were created by a fellow Desmoid warrior (well me - Angela, owner of this little online boutique)!

This year, 100% of the profits of the purchase of any of these Desmoid items will be donated to the DTRF on your behalf! This is usually around $7-12 per item (and I always forward you confirmation of my donation too)!

If you have a specific Desmoid request or would like to create a graphic yourself to be set on tees and added to this collection for other warriors to purchase, email me at 

Thank you and fight on!
- Angela


5 results
Team Desmoidian - I Love Someone Rare Tee
Desmoid Tee - I don't look sick? You don't look stupid!
Desmoid Tee - Desmoid Warrior
Desmoid Tee - I Love Someone Super Rare
Desmoid Hoodie - I don't look sick? You don't look stupid!