My Story

Who the heck is behind Thongin' It? 

Well......... MEEEEEEEEE! 

My name is Angela! I'm currently the owner, photographer, website/graphic designer, social media marketing manager, buyer, shipper and over-all boss!

You'll notice that even though I'm a grown a** woman (which is unfortunate since I'd definitely rather be a mermaid, or even a sloth some days), I use #hashtags and silly terms like on fleek & adorbs. I will travel for donuts (literally, it wouldn't be out of the question for me to drive hours to hit a great donut bar). I love piercings, tattoos and wild hair colors. I live for white water rafting, hiking in Hawaii and drinking champagne in hot tubs (even in the rain). Oh, and I cuss sometimes too. I'm super classy that way. 

Why am I like this? Oh come on, YOLO! And in case you don't keep up with the latest slang, that stands for you only live once! And it's so freaking true. And that's why I launched this online boutique! I wanted to live my dreams and I wanted to inspire others to live their dreams too.

It hasn't been easy. Oh mylanta, it hasn't been easy. I mean, let's start with my decision to start this business in the first place. I didn't like my life, and I wasn't feeling fulfilled. I knew that living the life of my dreams would be a total f'n miracle at that point though. And I had never seen or experienced a miracle before myself.

It took me battling a seriously rare tumor (a Desmoid tumor) for a good five years, but in the end beating it, to learn that we MUST believe in miracles. And that they absolutely do happen. And with nothing (no money, no experience, no connections) but that new found belief, I built this business. 

I mean listen, nobody ever said that making your dreams come true would be easy. It requires a full on miracle. But miracles happen baby. You're looking at one right NOW!


- Angela