My Story


My name is Angela! I'm currently the owner, photoshoot coordinator, website/graphic designer, social media marketing manager, buyer, merchandiser, shipper and over-all #girlboss of this online and traveling boutique. 

The truth is - I started this business because I woke up one day in the worst possible physical condition I had ever been in (I won't go into full detail, but surgeries, chemo, infections from experimental procedures - you get the idea, and all before 30 years old). And as completely terrible as I felt, and for as much as I wanted to get better. I was also scared sh*tless to get better, just to go right back to living the way I was f*cking living before. I wasn't happy. I wasn't feeling fulfilled. I wasn't able to be creative and free and inspired. I was locked to a desk for far too many hours per week. And I just KNEW that there had to be another way to live.

Has this little boutique solved all my problems? I wish! I have been through more failures since launching than successes. Tears, sleepless nights, fears, insecurities, mistakes, even heartbreaks when I finally thought I had something figured out and yet I still failed. But I'm still here because my dreams are bigger than any failure I could possibly go through.  And because I'm here for a reason gosh damn it! To  inspire myself daily to never settle for a life I'm not excited to live, and to inspire others along the way. That's my purpose. The clothes are just a bonus! 

Anyway that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Especially since typing it all out brings me to tears. The good tears! That's when you know it's real. 

- Cheers