About this hot mess.

I LOVE branding, writing, creating websites and graphic design. I have been doing these for as long as I can remember (starting with my first AOL homepage back in the day)! So starting my online boutique has been super fun. But these really do remain my favorite aspects of running my business and I love getting to work with other amazing female business owners who maybe don't have time for some of these smaller details or maybe these just aren't their favorite aspects. I've learned when we each have the chance to focus on what we do best, we can grow much faster.

My qualifications?

  • Online boutique owner since July 2016, including all of my own copy, website creation and maintenance, graphic design, promotional print design, etc!
  • Author of 'Why the Hell am I not Wearing any Pants?' - available on Amazon if you dare!
  • Degree in Human Development, and Therapist for a mother. Ok, I think these two are just why I'm so crazy, so crazy about being BOLD when it comes to branding (your branding or mine)!

Bottom line - I KNOW how important your business is to you! Because if you're anything like me, you have put your heart, soul, and all of your resources into it. So I want to get to know you and YOUR brand, and base my work around that. 

- Angela