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Fix My Brand - Program (MAY 17-23)

$725.00 $425.00

**Please note: I do offer a payment plan through sezzle, available at checkout. Spots are limited for this program, as I will be setting this whole week aside to work with you ladies (and you ladies only), and want to have the time to give that each of you may need. Early bird discount applied ($300 savings, valid until May 1st, unless spots run out sooner).**

Hey you fellow business-owning hot mess!

How's your brand doing? Is it on point, or on the back burner? Is it working for you, or working against you? Is it slaying all day, or is it making you wanna throw back the rośe? 😂 Ok enough jokes. 

A strong, clean, cohesive brand not only adds an extra layer of security (trust) + professionalism, but it's honestly just good customer service as well! I mean, whatever you can do to make your customers shopping experience more enjoyable right? 

Well, if your brand is a hot mess, let's fix that! 

This is a one-on-one program (with just a little group time) for:

  • Anyone who isn't sure what a brand really is, what theirs is, or why they need one.
  • Anyone who thinks a brand consists of their logo, fonts and colors ALONE.
  • Anyone who is getting visitors to their website, but they are not converting into sales. 

Some of the things we will cover are:

  • Your target customer.
  • Your brand story and mission.
  • Your brand's personality, voice and copy.
  • Your brand's style and photos.
  • Branding throughout your customer's journey.
  • Branding in your website, e-mails and social media platforms.
  • Branding in your merchandizing and packaging. 
  • And yes, because we must, colors fonts and logos.

Your package will include:

  • Two 60 minute brand development phone calls.
  • Brand development and clarity through worksheets, surveys, analytics (where possible), and feedback. 
  • Access to a small group with other program members, as well as by PM/E-Mail to me with any questions along the way. I will NOT be booking any web/graphic design clients this week - so YOU ladies will have my full attention!

You will leave (if I can help it) with:

  • A brand board (to use to help guide you in decisions going forward, as well as to share with any web/graphic designer or marketing consultant you work with in the future).
  • An updated, current, bold mission statement. 
  • An ideal customer profile. 
  • A brand that kicks a**. You know, IF that's your brand's thing and all. Maybe your brand likes to drink green smoothies and lift weights. Or maybe your brand prays a lot and never misses Church on a Sunday. This is your brand, your vision. I want to help bring it to life!

So - are you ready to fix your hot mess of a brand??? Let's do this!